Darlinton On The Cover

Our second brand-new issue of FROM is out and we named it ‘ME’.
On the cover is Darlinton, a 14-year-old boy who we thought had something. You be the judge. This is a few photos from the story and a few quotes from his interview.
You get the full version if you get the full FROM#2.


Here: http://frommagazine.com/information/


“I’m black, I’m pretty good”
If you could change one thing in the world what would you do (world peace is out)?
I would like a phone with infinity battery or better, I would like for the civil war in Dafur to stop, actually in all of Africa, it is sick that half of the country has been butchered by demolition. It makes me sad to think about people killing their own people.


Darlinton is not famous for anything. Nor is he famous for nothing.


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Post created August 24, 2012

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