Reproduction: Anika Lori &
Woody Lori Leth

Why did you choose to have a kid?
We had a beautiful time full of love and dreams, about changing our lives, the future, the world. We licked, we danced, we made love, and that’s the sort of things that might very well get you pregnant if you don’t worry about the consequences, and we didn’t. Fortunately, now I have Woody, the sunshine of my life. I thank the gods for that every day.
What does it mean to you that Woody looks like you?
I don’t think a lot about the resemblance. Of course I think he’s the most gorgeous kid in the world and even though I think I turned out rather well if I may say so myself, and one really should, I don’t hold a candle to him. He gets the same expression on his face as his dad when he tries to concentrate. Same little pout, same persistent gaze, but there’s no doubt that his small sturdy bulk comes from me, and those big eyes too.
What do you remember the most about growing up?
It was a colourful childhood with a lot of music, a very homey feel of incense and Led Zeppelin. My father was an artist and my mother was a stay-at-home hippie who later became a pre-school teacher. I was brought up in Rome, Jutland and Aarhus. My father was Italian and stayed behind when my mother and I got on a train out of Rome one day when I was 5, that kind of leaves a mark. So I grew up close to my mother, who made me believe that I could do anything in the world. She stimulated my creativity, and often we’d rock out playing bongo drums, flute and singing, loudly. We were an offbeat little family in the province and I always felt different. In my teens I felt strong, and a bit left out. I probably wasn’t the only one feeling like that, but it’s not until later you find that out. You get so bloody clever, don’t you?

Post created January 26, 2012

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