Too Young To Know / Now, Who’s The Queen?

For our first issue of FROM we decided to run a story about beauty pageants for kids.

The result makes people react. Either with delight or loath. Somehow, the frosted young queens divide people into two groups which just puts an exclamation point to the dilemma within.

…”The issue at stake is, kids being pushed to do things that can violate their nature. The margins are dainty fine lines. Some cases are black and white; Molesting, working minors and pushing your daughter to win a beauty contest, when she is five and pure. The space between black and white is of cause grey. The in-betweens are harder to define. A little push, a mental slap, a Freudian Slip…”
See the full story in FROM #1. Retailers are listed in the ABOUT section.
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Photography: Lasse Bak Mejlvang

Styling: Andree Hoxfeldt

Hair: Joekim

Make-up: Mette M /

Make-up assistant: Sivan Hededam

Models: Sofia, Eva, Mathilde

Post created March 16, 2012

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